Tuesday, August 31, 2010



I obviously am not a very good blogger considering I haven't been on since I made my blog in the first place. Well, here is my update with life! I am now living in Tempe, Arizona and attending Arizona State University! I live with my good friend Erika Hansen and we have a lot of fun together in our precious living area. Our ward seems to be filled with really kind and happy people so I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone better. So far we have had 18 people come to our apartment since we moved in!! Whoooo!! (Yes, we keep a list..) Annnnywho, while Erika and I are home we like to webcam and/or chat with each other while we also hold a conversation in person and eat cereal! We have really perfected this habit of ours lately but don't worry, we do other things too! Tonight we made up a dance that will just blow your mind once it gets posted! :) Continuing on.. we have weird neighbors who have a gorilla head outside of the doorway that we share! It is really creepy and there is even a little monkey holding a picture of Jesus next to the gorilla.. they're such charmers! Last Friday one of my friends gave us a mannequin head to put by the gorilla and our neighbors seem to like it because it is still there!

The main reason for my move to Tempe wasn't for gorilla heads or making up dances.. it's obviously for school! SCHOOL- I am really enjoying it so far. I sit in the front row in every class so I guess it is kind of like a weird habit now. I love talking to the people who sit around me and just talking and making friends with whoever I can! College is so wonderful because everyone is new! I don't know anyone except for the four people I have seen from high school around campus and Jenn & Erika. My neighbor from home Jeff is in my Psychology class and so it fun to see him twice a week! Not to be rude or anything but lately I have really wished I were Asian because they just dominate everyone in school. I want whatever weird thing they have in their brain that most of us are lacking. Hahaha anywho.. I have institute classes everyday and that is always a nice part of the day. The Tempe Institute is easily my favorite building on campus and I love being in there whenever I can. I have a feeling I will be spending lots of time there whether it is for classes, studying, playing ping pong or going to eat my lunch!

It is fun being around Jennifer more again. We were connected at the hip before she went to school and I feel like now we have the opportunity to become really good friends again before she gets married off or something scary like that. (I hope that isn't for another 5 years or so.. just saying!) So yeah, she is a cool little kitten. It kinda throws me off when I see her car in the parking lot or even see HER and I have to remind myself that we go to the same school again.. freaky yo!! I guess I will get use to it eventually.

All in all, I am really doing great. I am learning new things every day whether it is in my "Teachings of the Living Prophets" class, Chemistry, Psychology, Human Development or even at home and I am really enjoying it. Meeting new people makes me happy and it is just fun!! I'm really grateful I have the opportunity to attend Arizona State University right now and I'm looking forward to what is in store for me! This was probably really boring and awful to read but I told myself yesterday that I would post something.. so I did!! Hopefully I will remember again soon! Take care earthlings :)

I was very determined the first night to get everything unpacked and whatnot. Let's just say it was a long night but I accomplished my goal! :)

This was our Freshman Welcome assembly- TONS of gold!
This is the gorilla head with their nice signs and the money is holding a Jesus picture.. but it is hard to see obviously. My friend gave us a mannequin head (that he had in his car..which is awesomeness) so it is currently chilling on top of this very gorilla!

This is my room when you're sitting on the bed. My bookshelf is my favorite thing EVER!! It has a whole level of just my photo albums! Glorious :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Adventures!

Hello! I'm going to attempt to have a blog, keep up with it and make it interesting for anyone who dares to read it. My awesome big sister Jenn (Hi Jenn! Aren't you so proud of me right now?!!) has a precious blog [check it out right here.. http://jenngjones.blogspot.com] and so I figured I would be JUST LIKE HER and make one myself! Anywhoooo, I guess I will be talking about the random and wonderful happenings of my life as I begin college life and whatnot. We can grow and learn together as blogging neighbors and buddies! I have no idea how to put pictures, make things cute, add music or any of the cool things Jenn knows so maybe I will ask for a private lesson tomorrow. I shall now tell you things about myself.

- My favorite food is eggs. I LOVE EGGS!!
- I take lots of pictures of the things I do
- My watch is always on my left wrist NO MATTER WHAT
- I have brown, curly hair and I want to let it grow super long for no reason
- I have eight siblings and they are all incredible individuals whom I admire
- The only show I really watch is Spongebob. It always makes me laugh!
- I really enjoy musicals and that tends to be where a lot of my music comes from
- I'm 18 and 12 days old
- I'm going to ASU and majoring in Nursing

p.s. I just saw that I can add a picture, so I'm going to put up one up for now just for funzies!

Remember the sister I mentioned with the blog? That is her on the right! Isn't she precious?!

Anywho, I will try and write stuff regularly.. we'll see how it goes!
Thanks for reading friends!
xoxo -Lexi