Wednesday, May 21, 2014

it was perfect

Beware: This post is going to be all about the start to our wedding day. AKA: The best day ever!

     The weeks leading up to our wedding were soooooo slow, but the day itself went incredible fast!  I can easily say it was the best day of my life.  I was surrounded by all of my extended family on my mom and dad's sides and all of Taylor's extended family as well.  The weather couldn't have been better (thank you, Phoenix "winters") and everything was set.  
     The night before the big day I spent some girl time with Jenn, Staci and Kaitlin.  We went out to dinner and then laughed and talked for hours! I didn't feel prepared about what to say to everyone at the ring ceremony, even though my plan was simply to thank everyone for coming, but Kaitlin seriously helped a sista out!  I don't know why I felt so much pressure, but it ended up being totally fine.  I was so grateful that Kaitlin could stay over and that we could catch up.  She has been has an amazing and consistent friend to me throughout the years.  
Kaitlin Rosser. Oh, how I love her! 

    Kaitlin and I got up around 7:30am and it felt like any other day.  We had tons of sleepovers together throughout the years and this felt like any other! I couldn't grasp the fact that I was getting married later that day; it's just a weird feeling! haha! Around 9am Hillary Fielding came over to do my hair and make up.  This girl knows what she's doing.. seriously.  She made me feel calm and gorgeous. Nothing was rushed; we just had fun chatting!

   At 11am Taylor came over with two of his best friends/mission comps who drove down from Utah to be with us (Carlock & Gormus- love you guys)! From there we were on our way to the Mesa LDS Temple to be sealed. Taylor and I were excited, but it didn't feel like we were going to be married in the next couple of hours; it just felt like we were driving around in Mesa. Haha!  Being in my wedding dress at the temple was fun though! Everyone instantly knows you're about to get married and that made it seem a bit more real. 
Driving to the temple!

     We were surrounded by our family members and best friends during the ceremony and it was perfect.  It was the most amazing feeling seeing everyone who traveled to see us and to feel their love and support.  I cry like a baby when everyone else gets married, but I only cried at the end when I hugged Jenn and Staci.  Those two have influenced me so much over the years and it meant a lot to me having them be by my side on my wedding day.  
    When we came out of the temple, everyone was outside cheering and I was blown away with how many family members were there! I hadn't seen everyone who had come into town until this point so there were a lot of hugs to go around. I almost died when I saw how gorgeous my sisters/bridesmaids looked!!  Those are some attractive ladies! Also, all of the flowers looked amazing.  Thank goodness for Megan Conway and her amazing work.

    We took a few family pictures at the temple before heading to The Wright House for the luncheon, ring ceremony and reception. 
Jones Family (Dad's side)
Greyson, Kennedy, Stu, Lex, Taylor, Michelle, Alex, Jenn

Bennett Family (Mom's side)
Anthony, Anna, Nancy, Lex, Taylor, Dave, Jenn

Haws Family
Gavin, Brandon, Karen, Lexi, Taylor, Rob, Kari
Those flowers... obsessed. be continued. 

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