Tuesday, May 20, 2014

summer 2013 (a year late never hurt!)

I haven't touched, thought of or looked at this blog in a year and a half!  I've never been good at blogging, but here I am getting all caught up so I can improve. Woo! I do enjoy writing in my journal and taking pictures, so I'm just going to post some random pictures to get all caught up with the now. Because it's almost the middle of 2014 and I haven't busted out a blog post since 2012! 

Some highlights from last summer (2013):

Spending my life with these two. 

Jenn totally misses sharing a room with me. 

Anna's First Communion with the Auteri girls! 


Cedar City, Utah. My love. 

Canyon Lake! 

Miranda Sings!! 

ASU Football! 

Last summer was a journey for me and ended much differently than it started! Sometimes you honestly cannot predict what is going to happen in your life and you just have to roll with it with the best attitude possible.  I made some incredible friends and became closer with my roommates, siblings and ward. Shout-out to Jenn Jones and Rachel Clark for helping me through some weird transitions; they are amazing friends to me! When I think of last summer, I think of Jenn and Rachel and how much good friendships can impact your life for the better. 

Biggest lessons learned:

With love, 

p.s. You'll be hearing from me again soon!! 

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