Sunday, December 23, 2012

a time to say thanks

Jenn will home in 12 days! Next Friday! January 4, 2013! You could definitely say I'm excited.  

A little message to Sister Jennifer Jones:
   I know you might not be too excited to come home because you want to be a "full-time sister missionary forever" but I'm going to try and be as great as all of your companions put together!  I've been counting down the days since you left and it's surreal that you'll actually be here next Friday. There is no one who has inspired me throughout my life like you have.  We have been together through  all sorts of ups and downs, and you've taught me to always have a positive attitude.  You've taught me how to love people that I've never even met.  You're my study buddy, doubles partner, best friend and so much more!  I'm grateful for the friendship we've kept while you've been serving as a missionary in Nebraska and the example you've been to me.  Thank you for being my friend, loving me and showing me how to live my life.  I love you so much! 

A little message to Taylor Haws:
  Words can't really put into words how grateful I am for you.  You teach me something new everyday and help me to be more patient, loving and closer to Christ.  I love how you see the bright side of every situation.  I love the little things that make you so excited and happy (sweatpants, Clippers t-shirts, YouTube documentaries, catching nutria's in Louisiana, your AK, steak/pizza/ham/FOOD, noodling in Thatcher, the beach, your Grandpa Haws, etc).  You always take time to thank people for the things they do and that's something I always notice and appreciate.  You're athletic, smart, super attractive (that's obvious), hardworking and dedicated to your goals.  I admire how nice you are to everyone you meet and how good you are at making them feel like you're best friends within 30 seconds!  You go out of your way to do anything to make me smile when you don't need to, give the best hugs and help me improve in every aspect of my life.  I love you! 

A little message to Rachel Clark:
   I'm so glad you finally entered my life this past semester and that we're roommates!  Someone really should have set us up on a blind date much sooner so this relationship could have started a couple years ago.  You are kind, fun and selfless.   I appreciate the little notes you write me, the texts you send and your constant outpour of love for your family and friends.   We might not be the best mothers to our plants (we just need different soil, then they'll love us), but I really feel like we make a great team and we can always crack ourselves up! Haha!  I'm grateful for our friendship and for your consistent positive attitude.  You make life more fun and upbeat!  Anywho, I'm not too great at putting it into words but I am extremely grateful that we have become such good friends and I really admire you. We have the best two-man-Spanish-dance-parties known to man-kind. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Time flies when you're having fun!

323 days until Jenn comes home!! 

It's funny how quickly I forget about my blog and how often I DON'T update it!  Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Birthday and everything else that I have potentially missed on my four month blogging leave! Haha! At least I post Jenn's letters on her mission blog every few months to make up for it, right?  Anywho, life is sincerely AMAZING! I can't believe it's already the middle of February and that Jenn turns 22 TOMORROW!  Also being Valentine's Day tomorrow, Taylor and I are going on a hot date where I'll secretly wish Jenn were with us to make it a nice birthday/Valentine's polygadate! hahaha kidding! (not really though.. )  Taylor and I go on ton of fun dates and we're loving life.  I'll give a picture overview of my past few months! :)  Peace & blessings!      -Lex
This is from November, but isn't he cute?! 

My favorite Christmas present was talking to Sister Jones on Skype! I love her so much! 

Last semester I became really into family history, so I found it necessary to take a trip to the Cedar City, Utah cemetery and find the graves of my ancestors. It was WONDERFUL! 

Happy New Year! It was the best to celebrate with my dad and siblings in Cedar!  I'm glad Taylor could make it down from Salt Lake to party with us as well 


Such a fun time! This was for the Color Run 5k in Tempe! 

Found these little treasures at the Peoria North Stake Center! Love it! 

Elder Brooksby and Elder Parrack are both going to make incredible missionaries.  I love these boys SO much! Take care! 

Sun's game with T! Do you like our matching jerseys? Goodwill, baby

Free date to the AZ Science Center! (on the right) 

Tandem bike riding at Tempe Town Lake! :) 

Spontaneous motorcycle rides with Baby T! 

We went to the ASU vs. Utah basketball game and
Taylor got to play a hotspot gam in the halftime show!
 He won and gets
to play again next week for $300. Such talent, I know!  

Seeing West Side Story at the Mesa Arts Center! Thank goodness for raffles and free tickets :) 

Lookin fly after church ball! 

We had the opportunity to be ushers for the VIP that went to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert in Phoenix this past weekend!  It was great meeting new people and being representatives for the Church.   We ended up sitting in the 2nd row and loved the concert.  MoTab is what's up!

Happy 22nd Birthday, Jennifer Jones! I love you!