Monday, February 21, 2011

Life is WONDERFUL! :)

Howdy!! Are you completely shocked I'm doing a blogpost?! ME TOO! I decided maybe it was about time. My life is honestly really exciting but it never crosses my mind to do a post. My sisters, Jenn and Alex, and my cousin, McKell, all have adorable blogs and I think I enjoy reading theirs more than actually doing my own. Anywhooo.. here goes an overview since November! October and November were full of weddings and lots of doing the Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha slide and the whatnots of awesome wedding reception dances! I think Jenn and I are going to drop out of school and just make starting wedding reception dances
our career in life. All in all, I am happy as can be! I'm learning and growing more each day and am so grateful for the great experiences I have.
I'll attempt to go over my recent life...

My beautiful friend Kayla got married so it was great to be with some of my amazing girlfriends! We made some bets on the next weddings to come and I think I'm definitely going to dominate with my predictions. :)

My friend Andrew celebrated his 20th birthday in November and I had to put that on here because this kid is just AMAZING. We went to high school together and somehow never met. We met while working at Wet N' Wild last summer and we became good friends really quick! He is one of the most friendly and hilarious guys I have ever met and is an incredible example of being enthusiastic and optimistic about EVERYTHING!

Natalie Rae! Whenever I go home to Peoria, Natalie and I have fun no matter what we do. We have been good friends and neighbors since we were 8 & 10 years old! She is extremely friendly, loving, funny, athletic, energetic and I consider her one of my sisters. Did I mention she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL?! Together we are loud and very spontaneous! I LOVE NATALIE RAE!!

When there are weddings, I get to spend time with one of my best friends, Chelsea Hill! I love this woman so much! She goes to school at BYU-Idaho so I enjoy my Chelsea time that I get when she is down here in Arizona. I honestly wouldn't mind at all if she transferred to ASU tomorrow and lived much closer! Chelsea is such a go-getter and I really admire that about her. We had some good times together in November for the two weddings she came down for!

In November, my friend Isaac and I drove up to Flagstaff to visit our darling Kaitlin Rosser!! (the picture I just put up of Kaitlin and I disappeared.. sad. I'm terrible at this!! ) but Kaitlin and I have been good friends since she moved here in 8th grade and I love our consistent our friendship has always been. Sometimes friendships fade off and on but we have both made an effort to stay close throughout the years. She is up at NAU now so we have been taking turns of who visits who :) She is smart, talented, caring and an incredible friend to have. I loved staying a weekend with her in November! It was really cold, but really worth it.

My friendship with these two dorks definitely blossomed in November! We would have long talks about life and its many mysteries in the library and do random spontaneous activities! Definitely two great friends to have!

Jenn and I went to Utah for Thanksgiving to be with our dad and his family. It was FREEEEEZING and I officially decided that humans should not be allowed to live in the snow. It just isn't right!! Thanksgiving break was a ton of fun though. I love spending time with my wonderful family!!

Bobby moved back to Arizona from California!!
This is WAY EXCITING and I'm really proud of him for following through with this decision he made. I think it's going to benefit him in more ways than he'll see for a couple years. :)

Right: My dad & stepmom and 5 of their 6 kids!

Taylor Haws and I at the Institute Winter Dance in December. Definitely a fun night with a lot of great people!


Elder David Goss returns him from his mission in Texas!! TIME FLIES LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!! So fun to have this kiddo home! He is our favorite to make dance videos with ;)

The beautiful Kendra Battin. She sadly left me over Christmas Break to go to BYU Provo. Kendra is the best girlfriend I made during my first semester at ASU and definitely a friend I won't forget. We had so much fun in institute together and we were also in the same ward. We had some good walks, lunch dates and life talks. :) Feel free to move back! :)

^ ^

Elder Sam Jones!! He is serving a mission in Indiana right now and I love writing to him and hearing about his experiences! He has been gone for almost 9 months and we are still really close. He is another great friend to have! :)

Taylor Barton! He is serving in Bolivia right now and I miss this kid so much!! He sends the best letters and never forgets to bare his wonderful testimony to me. I can tell he has grown a ton already and I am so excited for him to continue to have wonderful experiences!

David Meeks! David is one of my very best friends and he will be serving a mission soon as well! He gets his call this week and I'm SO EXCITED for him!! We met at EFY in 2007 and have been good friends ever since. He is a sweetheart and has always been a great friend to me. He is ALSO at BYU-Idaho and should be down here at ASU!! Anywho, I'm really looking forward to sending him lots of letters while he is gone but I'll miss him greatly! We have the best skype dates EVER. He is awesome.


  1. Lexi your blog showed up on my Facebook newsfeed so now I'm following it, hope you don't mind. You should be careful around that Taylor Haws kid though, he's nothing but trouble. Seriously. Nothing. Butt. Trub bull.

  2. Looks as though the life of a Jonesy girl is moving right along.
    Oh and for the record, only the REALLY cool kids go to ASU! If they wanna be cool they'll walk, nay RUN back to the land of sunshine!

    (Ooooh my word veification was suseni. Get it? Suz and I!)