Monday, May 2, 2011

Remarkably Grateful

Do you ever just think about how incredibly blessed you are? I have so much in my life to daily thank my Heavenly Father for but lately I realized that I have something no one else does. Jennifer Jones!! I absolutely love all of my siblings and family members but I can honestly say that I am such a better person because of the positive influence Jenn has on me every single day. I often forget that we have the same family and past because we're such good friends. Spending time with her strengthens my testimony, makes me more happy and always fills my life with excitement! She has hilarious one liners that make us both laugh until our eyes look Asian (sorry for being racist..) and yet at the same time she is the most thoughtful person and is friends with anyone who needs a friend. Jenn is dedicated to her goals and everything she puts her mind to. She looks at the glass half full, finds the good in everyone and is an amazing example of how to live life to its fullest! I'm just so grateful for everything she does for me and the example she sets as my big sister and best friend. I could expand for years on the subject but I'll keep it as simple as that. The end :)


  1. I looooove this!!! Such a sweet post!

  2. Thanks Lex! I really appreciate it! You are amazing and I am grateful for you as well! Love you!! :)