Friday, May 20, 2011

Just loving life.. :)

This past weekend my sister and I went to St. Johns, Arizona with one of our bestestestest friends Jon Burgoyne!! It was such an awesome trip and we had an INCREDIBLE time while we were there! While we were driving up, Jenn and I both read our journals out loud and Jon told us stories about himself just to make the drive that much more enjoyable! :) I really loved getting to know both of them better and re-reading what I had written in my journal throughout the school year. Something that I wrote often (normally as I was saying my goodbyes at the end of an entry) was along the lines of, "I'm so happy and I sincerely love my life!" This, my friends, is so incredibly true. I am SO blessed and I have every reason to love everyday that I am living. I love turning everyday into a great one and making it a lot of fun! When I'm not having a day that I want to write about and remember how great it was, I instantly know that it is time to do something exciting for someone else. Doing random acts of kindness is such a great yet selfish thing. I swear I have more fun doing it than it is for them to receive it!! My blog is always SO scatterbrained and I never know where it is going to go lol. Anywho, the school year suddenly over and it obviously flewwwwww! It has been the most fun year of my life. I met new people and learned new things that have changed and influenced me for the better. I'm really grateful for my ward at church (GO U3!) and the many friendships that were formed while we all grew together as a new ward.

I think I'll just do one of those lists where I spit out some of the randomness in my brain.. sound good? -good thing no one is forced to read this!

- I love being with friends that I don't have the opportunity to see very much. Today was the SMHS Class of 2011 graduation and I was so happy to see so many familiar (and extremely happy) faces! I could not stop smiling and saying, "TODAY IS SUCH A WONDERFUL DAY!! I LOVE THIS!!" Congratulations to those who graduated!! I'm so proud! :)
-Last night was really awesome. I have two super hilarious and awesome girlfriends named Heather Brooks & Kathryn Wagner and we got to catch up and laugh our buns off after not seeing each other in wayyyy toooo long! I love those two SO MUCH!!
-Jennifer Jones is officially going to be a full-time missionary for our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and I could not be any more happy and excited for her!! I'll admit that thinking about her gone for a year and a half is extremely sad, but thinking about what she'll be doing for that year and a half makes it all better. She is my best friend and I will miss her. ISN'T IS SO AWESOME SHE IS GOING ON A MISSION THOUGH?!! like seriously, so kewl. No joke. I'm really jealous because I'm not old enough. BUT-now we'll be able to graduate together because she'll be a little behind in school. (I think that was her plan altogether. I like it.)
-I'm going to Cottonwood, Arizona this weekend to be with the one and only Staci Hewitson!! Staci and I became good friends throughout the school year and have had a TON of fun together this past semester. She is incredibly hilarious. I always catch myself saying, "Staci, you are SO funny!" and I really mean it each time. She is also smart (can you say valedictorian?!), very caring/thoughtful/nice/fun/energetic/optimistic and beeeautiful. She is outstanding person and friend!

Here are some pictures just for funzies!
Enjoy :)

Jon took us shooting while in St. Johns and I wanted a really hardcore picture with one of the guns. Unfortunately, it is impossible for me to hold a straight face longer than .0736 seconds without cracking up laughing!

We stopped in Snowflake, AZ to see the temple on our drive up. :) I reeeally liked it! This would be the infamous Jon Burgoyne and I at the temple! So fun!

I'm not sure why we did the whole "let's link arms!" thing, but I think it's fun anyway! Jen and I at the Snowflake Temple!

Isn't she so cute?! Even butterflies love her.
(But not as much as I do)

STACI! Isn't she everything I said and more?! She is so great :)

Daniel Woolston. Staci Hewitson. Hilarious and amazing friends! If you look closely at Daniel's wonderfully painted picture, the three of us are married and have many children. It's going to happen. hahahaha! (dont take us too seriously please)

Marshall and I right after he grrrraduated!! Wooo hooo!

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  1. What a lovely blog post! Full of the 3 F's... Fun, Friends, and Family! lol :) Keep the posts coming!