Wednesday, May 28, 2014

wedding - part 2

     After all the fun at the Mesa Temple, everyone went over to The Wright House. We took pictures with all the extended families, had the luncheon, ring ceremony and later the reception. It was a packed day and a lot of fun!  While we did all the big family photos, we had Italian soda's and our families and friends socialized outside.  Getting big families and lots of kids to gather and take pictures is a lot more complex than I had anticipated. Taylor and I were the only ones that really knew everyone there (with all four sides of our families together), so I instantly became the one hollering at different family members to hurry up, move over, etc. Good times, good times haha! The pictures that we have with each side of both of our extended families are priceless to me.  How often does everyone gather together to celebrate us?  It was pretty dang cool!

Grandma & Grandpa Haws!

Homer family!

     Our luncheon was an hour full of laughs, happy tears and embarrassing pictures! Each table had pictures of Taylor and I growing up, some of which did not pass the Lexi-Approval.  (I think we stuck my seventh grade cross country picture in Jenn's purse?) We were able to have our best friends speak (Staci Connolly for me and Tanner Carlock for Taylor), which was awesome. Staci gave Taylor some tips on living with me (we were roommates) and Tanner spoke about how Taylor taught him to love others on their mission in Uruguay.  Staci's made me crack up laughing and Tanner's made us both tear up.

     Our parents spoke as well.  They have us some marriage tips, told stories about each of us growing up and again, made us laugh and cry.  My dad's portion was hilarious! That man was born for public speaking. He said that while he was thinking of what to say and how to describe his daughter, everything he thought of started with an F.  Therefore, he talked about "The Seven F's of Lexi Jones".
His delivery was hilarious, but here's a quick summary:
1. Fun: Lex loves to have fun and wants others to as well! She is a magnet for fun!
2. Freaky memory:  She will always remember when she did something, what she wore, when your birthday is, etc. It freaks me out!
3. Photography (doesn't start with an F, but it should): She loves taking pictures and will document your life.  Not only your life, but everyone else's around her.
4. Family: She keeps our family connected.  She loves gathering everyone together.
5. Faithful:  She is the most faithful sister, friend, etc.
6. Friend: She really is a friend to everyone and she will keep in touch with them.
7. Frugal:  My daughter is cheap. I don't know where she got it, but she has always saved all of her money since she was a kid.  Her favorite store is the Goodwill.

We also had a slideshow for everyone to view.  I threw it on youtube for my grandparents who couldn't come to AZ.  Enjoy!   Watch our picture slideshow here :) 

Ring Ceremony:
     Having a ring ceremony was important to us because I have a lot of family who are not LDS.  We had our parents and siblings (we used all of our siblings as bridesmaids/groomsmen) walk down the aisle before us.  My 9 year old sister insisted that we needed a flower girl, so she walked down before Taylor and I did and dropped rose pedals. Everyone stood and Taylor and I walked down the aisle. Although we were already married, it was still a lot of fun to have ALL of our family there supporting us.  My uncle Jeff spoke about marriage and wedding rings, and then Gavin and Jenn spoke.  Then Taylor and I both said a little bit and sincerely thanked our family members for all they've done for us.  We have some incredible relatives. We then did our ring exchange! :) 

Our reception was a BLAST! 
-Mine & Taylor's first dance song was "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri
-We had an awesome dance party and I made sure we had a lot of Spanish songs to dance to hahaha!
-Sadie Tullis caught the bouquet and Abe Tullis caught the garter. Sibling power! So impressive.
-We didn't smash cake in each other's faces. 
-I was really sweaty from dancing! (TMI?) 
-We had a photobooth and the pictures absolutely crack me up! Kids are HILARIOUS. 
-We left with everyone holding sparklers and I later heard that some of my younger cousins were lighting napkins on fire with them.  Again, kids... so creative and funny. 
-It was surreal leaving everyone and thinking that our wedding day had gone by so quickly. 

Jessica Reed was our videographer and did an incredible job! Check out our wedding video here! 

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  1. Hey Lexi, I don't know if you remember me but I'm a long lost 2nd cousin. I just wanted to thank you for your posts! They're so uplifting and they make me happy. :) I loved going to SUU because I got to know your dad and grandparents a little bit better than I think I would have otherwise....anyway, your dad always ALWAYS talked so highly of you and Jen and I am grateful for your incredible examples! :)
    Kjersti Jones