Sunday, June 15, 2014

our dads

It's the day to celebrate our dad's!!  I am incredibly lucky to have three dad's in my life; the first one has been there since day one, the second one I met when I was eight years old and the third when I was 18. They all teach Taylor and I how to live happy and successful lives.  
Get to know my three dad's! :)

Dad #1:  Stuart Jones
The first word that comes to mind when I think of my dad is FUNNY.  One of my favorite things seeing growing up was how much my dad could make my grandma laugh.  She would be cracking up laughing, hit her leg and say, "Oh, Stuart!!!" He loves getting outside with the family and having fun! I'm pretty sure he was born to just meet everyone he can and be their best friend; he is the most welcoming and friendly guy.  My dad has an incredibly amount of empathy for others and really cares about what they're going through.  During one of the toughest times for me last year, he stayed on the phone with me for five hours (I think it was 5am his time at the end) and basically told me stories and quotes to motivate me to get back on my feet.  He has always gone of out of his way to be an amazing dad although we haven't lived in the same state since I was three years old. We're a lot alike and we've definitely become the best of friends throughout the years. He's an incredible father, mentor and friend.  I love you, Dad! 

Stu leading us in a biking workout.  He gets SO pumped when he has his jams on!

St. George LDS Temple :) 
Sedona 2013  My dad LOVES Sedona trips!

Cedar Mountain 2011


Dad #2: Dave Bennett
Dave married my mom when I was 10 and completely changed our lives! He is passionate, funny and an amazing dad.  He's selfless and always puts others before himself. Dave always greets people with a big hug, even if you haven't seen each other in a long time or just met!  He has a full schedule being an ER doctor, dad to 5 kids, on a hockey league and a tennis team, but you wouldn't notice because of the time he sets aside to spend with his family. One of the funniest things about Dave is that he is always prepared for anything! Even on a vacation he will carry around a huge backpack of supplies for anything that could go wrong.  Hurt yourself or feeling sick while walking around downtown Pittsburgh? Dave has a solution for that (real example from two years ago hahaha). Also, he is always taking pictures and videos.  iPhone, iPad, digital camera, etc. He is documenting the moment, don't you worry. He's smart, loving and would rather be at home with his family than on a vacation.  That is a winner. You do so much for our family and we love you, Dave! 

Dave & his girls!  
July 2002- Dancing at Dave and my mom's wedding reception. 
January 2014- Dancing at my wedding reception! 

Dad #3: Rob Haws
Rob would literally do anything for his kids and has set an example for his boys on how to be an awesome dad. He works hard to provide for his kids, but never takes his work home with him.  He teaches them to be frugal, humble and responsible adults. The more I get to know Rob, the more I realize how similar him and Taylor are.  They have similar habits, say similar lines and have the same sense of humor. He's taught Taylor how to treat his wife and enjoy life! Rob loves taking trips to San Diego, playing FIFA with the boys and playing tennis. He's our go-to for advice with finances, stocks, taxes and anything else we're trying to figure out that he's already mastered! He's patient, kind and loving.  I'm lucky and grateful to have him as my father-in-law. 
El Striker Grande!! 

Rob & Baby Taylor! 

My personal favorite. Sooo funny!
Boston LDS Temple
Three of my favorite people! Ralph, Taylor & Rob Haws
January 2014


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