Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Adventures!

Hello! I'm going to attempt to have a blog, keep up with it and make it interesting for anyone who dares to read it. My awesome big sister Jenn (Hi Jenn! Aren't you so proud of me right now?!!) has a precious blog [check it out right here..] and so I figured I would be JUST LIKE HER and make one myself! Anywhoooo, I guess I will be talking about the random and wonderful happenings of my life as I begin college life and whatnot. We can grow and learn together as blogging neighbors and buddies! I have no idea how to put pictures, make things cute, add music or any of the cool things Jenn knows so maybe I will ask for a private lesson tomorrow. I shall now tell you things about myself.

- My favorite food is eggs. I LOVE EGGS!!
- I take lots of pictures of the things I do
- My watch is always on my left wrist NO MATTER WHAT
- I have brown, curly hair and I want to let it grow super long for no reason
- I have eight siblings and they are all incredible individuals whom I admire
- The only show I really watch is Spongebob. It always makes me laugh!
- I really enjoy musicals and that tends to be where a lot of my music comes from
- I'm 18 and 12 days old
- I'm going to ASU and majoring in Nursing

p.s. I just saw that I can add a picture, so I'm going to put up one up for now just for funzies!

Remember the sister I mentioned with the blog? That is her on the right! Isn't she precious?!

Anywho, I will try and write stuff regularly.. we'll see how it goes!
Thanks for reading friends!
xoxo -Lexi


  1. I'm so proud. This is really cute. Blog lots lady!

  2. F is for friends who do things together....
    Ha! I like Spongebob too!
    Although Plankton's version is quite nice too.
    F is for fire that burns down the whole town, U is for uranium, bomb! hahaha