Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fun Stuff!

I would just like to let whoever is reading this know that life is just so much fun. Honestly, if you aren't having fun with what you are doing or where you are.. CHANGE IT!! There are so many opportunities in this world and I think it is so important to always be happy with yourself. I love smiling at random people around campus at ASU because it really does makes them think, "Why is she smiling at me...?" It makes me LOL! Hopefully they don't think I am laughing at them, that'd be so sad. Anywho, I just like sharing my good mood with other people because it takes more than something little & goofy to make me mad, whereas others get angry just because the elevator door isn't closing fast enough and they have to press the button 900 times to release their anger. (Yes, that happened today on my way up to math.) Tangent. Sorry. My blog is just random.. I don't really know what I'm supposed to talk about or anything.. I will just start saying what is going on in my life I guess..
-I ate cereal twice today and it was delicious. I LOVE Raisin Bran!
-Yesterday was my first college exam and I think I did really good on it! I feel like I WAY overstudied. It was in Human Development.. but that doesn't matter. Annnywho..
-I am VERY determined to beat Jennifer at ping pong sometime very soon. Whenever I get ahead in points she kinda gets scary.. so I let her win of course! ;)
-Our apartment visitors list is up to 20 or 21 now! Isn't that so fun?! We are excited about it.
-I'm sitting in a really weird position right now.
-I learned about 10 minutes ago not to burn my used floss because it burns FAST! FREAKY FAST!
-I love keeping in touch with my friends at other Universities, it makes me so happy to hear their stories and stay updated with their lives.
-I played tennis tonight and decided it might be starting to "cool down" ...maybe.
-I put motivational/inspirational quotes on my cork board a few days ago and I like them!
-If I were to pick another instrument to learn it would be the violin.
-I want to see Maroon 5 in concert next month in California.
-I always start my homework by listening to "Imma Be" by the Black Eyed Peas. It started out as a joke but now it is for real and it occurs errryday! It gets me pumped!
-Jennifer is a cutie.
-Today my friend Alex and I did some great interpretive dancing in the institute elevators!
-I love my room so much.. it is so comfortable & wonderful.
-Jenn and I started a big game of Two-Square today!! It was incredibly fun!
-I love mine and Kaitlin's late night conversations on Skype. I enjoy having some good laughs and bonding before I sleep!
-I clean my room pretty much daily. It is really goofy but it has yet to get messy so I'm happy about it!
-I want to go to Sea World a lot lately..

I think I'm just going to stop there for tonight. I don't know what I'm supposed to talk about! All in all, life is swell and I'm a jolly kiddo.
Lots of smiles!! xoxoxoxo! -Lexi


  1. Your blog oozes with positivity. Thank you.

  2. Nice! Raisin bran, interpretive dancing, and a new psychadelic background! You know what this reminds me of? Remember those two freaky kids in High School Musical? The ones rolling around on the floor reciting the words to What I've been Looking For. Yup! That's it!

  3. That's such a funny/random thing to be reminded of but thinking of that part of the movie definitely made me laugh!! Raisin bran and interpretive dancing seem to be a big part of my life lately.. it is great!!!