Monday, June 20, 2011

family, family, family!

I wanted to get better at blogging this summer and that hasn't exactly happened as planned. I've been really busy having a really fun time in Cedar! I've been working, taking summer classes and reading textbooks like a straight up FOOL! Let's ignore that part of my summer though. We've gone on hikes, played on the mountain, saw The Little Mermaid at Tuachaun, done photoshoots, went rollerskating, tie dyed, etc! We all like to "CRUISE & JAM" in Alex's car with her new sound system! Wooo! Your car loves my workout/remix/techno music just as much as you do, Alex! ;)   We have tons of random/wonderful games and adventures with all of the cousins every single day and I LOVE IT!! Nothing makes me more happy :)  

I've taken a bunch of pictures & here are some of my favorites!
Some of the cousins playing on Father's Day! After dancing and playing games in the front yard, we decided we would do a little family picture.
Overlooking the city with Greyson & Kenn
First house in Cedar to have electricity! My grandparents are celebs. 

Rollerskating/blading crew!
We're a loving family.. :) haha! 

But more exiting than all of this... 

Jenn got her mission call on June 9, 2011! She is going to Omaha, Nebraska and serving at the Winter Quarters Historical Site!! SOOO AWESOME!  She leaves in one month (July 20th) and I'll definitely be a sad lady. She is my best friend and I'd be okay keeping her for myself but dang, it blows my mind to think of how amazing she is going to be in the mission field!  She is the PERFECT balance of being fun, nice and goofy yet serious and very spiritual. I love it.  She's awesome.  I'll miss her. I'm really excited for her!! The end!     :)

This picture is four years old, but we still love dressing up and making up dances! (and dressing other people up...)

I'm definitely her #1 (and most obsessive) fan!
Love you Jenn, Janny, Janet, Genesis, Genevieve, Jennifer and last but not least.. JJTMS!!
"Because Lex is a ____ ______ in __ ____ and Jenn is moooovie star!"


  1. You need to come down before you can't see Jenn for 1.5 years! :( She'll be in Cedar next Saturday!

  2. Yes McKell, you need to come to Cedar while we are there!! And thanks for the shout out Lex. After being at the airport today watching several missionaries leave their families I know that I am going to be a baby leaving everyone. BUT it will all be worth it and only for 18 months! :)