Friday, July 22, 2011

a crazy month!

Hey friends!! This past month has been so crazy, fun and memorable! The last time I did a post I was happily in Utah with my family and enjoying every second of it. Now, I'm in Arizona and Jenn is the one in Utah for a month! Let's rewind a little bit and THEN discuss this depressing distance between Jennifer (Sister Jones) and Alexis. 

Jenn and I were happily reunited in Vegas as I was babysitting for a few days at the end of June. See the little devil dog in the picture? Yeah, we thought we somehow lost it (emphasis on the it.. is doesn't even deserve a gender) and we searched for it for hours!! Left treats out, whistled, called its name, searched everywhere and I was freeeeaking out! Moral of the story: Look between the little gap of your wall and bed headboard if your dog is ridiculous and doesn't come out when called for a few hours. Annyyyywho...

 Going to Bryce Canyon was something I had been wanting to do for a while so our dad, Kennedy, Jenn and I went on a fun day trip! If you haven't been to Bryce before, I would recommend it. It's beautiful! 

This is some of the Jones clan on a special day for lil Jenn! It was so nice for a lot of the family to be together at the temple and to show support for Jenn's decision to serve a mission.  I'm SO grateful for my wonderful family! 

Jenn is most likely saying, "Lex, stop taking pictures of me!" Hahaha!

We spent a couple days up in northern Utah and were able to visit sites we hadn't been to in years or had never seen.  The picture on the left is at the monument where Brigham Young first said, "This is the place!"  They have turned the land into a cute community/park with many houses and stores that look like they belong in the 1800's.  We had such a fun time and learned some great church history! :)

Jenn's favorite movie growing up (and still today) has always been Grease.  Of course we made sure she got to see it at Tuacahn this season! 

Whenever Jenn and I get talking/singing/studying/running or anything else we do together, time flies freaky fast! Consequently, our drive home from UT felt like it was only a couple hours! woo! 

Jenn gave her farewell on July 10th and did an amazing job. Her testimony and complete confidence that the Gospel is her source of happiness made my eyes super watery. She was so grateful for the many friends and family member that came to support her.  The picture is our mom and Jenn after her talk! :)

We're grateful for our friends who helped us pack up Jenn's apartment!! Jon and Caldy were such good helpers in helping throw Jenn's junk away with us! HAHA! This picture is just hours before Caldwell left us to go to London. 

 ALEX JONES!! This is my beautiful sister Alexandria Claire! She made a spontaneous and crazy decision to stay with us in AZ rather than going home to UT, after Jenn's farewell.  It was MUCH NEEDED and so much fun to have her here with us before Jenn left.  We always have amazing talks, laughs and great times together.  I would not be surprised if we have another Sister Jones leaving next summer :)  I loved introducing her to all of our friends and begging her daily to move here. Wouldn't that be SO KEWL?!! ahhh!!! I'm really glad she stayed until the day Jenn left.    To Alex:  I LOVE YOU!! You're beautiful, smart, nice to everyone, independent, spiritual and so much more! 
Definitely good sister bonding to stay up and watch the sun rise!

Officially a Sister Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! 


 Our last picture together until 2013!  This picture was around 5:30am on July 20th.  We hugged and she said, "Happy Birthday, Lex!"  Then we both started laughing. haha! Alex and I need trophies for most tears shed that morning!

Regardless of Jenn leaving, my birthday was still a lot of fun with my family and friends making it great! I spent most of the day with my dad's family before they (like Jenn) said their goodbyes and left for Utah. Again, sad.  I love them all for staying longer for me! 

 Kait made me these AWESOME tie-dye cupcakes!! Don't they look so sweet?! We all loved them and I was in awe every 5 seconds of how cool they looked. Thank you, Kaitlin Rosser!! love love love love love you! 

Some of my closer friends came over for some late night birthday fun. I'm extremely grateful for the great friends that I have!  July 20th was a very long day. Thank you to everyone who made it so much fun and who wished me a Happy Birthday!! MUCH appreciated!! :)

I've never in my life done such a long post but there is one more fun piece of news.. Bobby got his mission call!! He is going to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and speaking Spanish! He leaves in 8 weeks on September 21st! WOOO BOBBY!!! I'm so happy and excited for you!!!! 

I can't believe this was so long! I guess a lot has happened lately! I love my life and I'm beyond grateful for Christ, my family and friends. LIFE IS SO WONDERFUL! Have a great day!! 


  1. I kind of stumbled upon your blog and started to read and next thing I knew, I read the whole thing! How exciting for your sister! I love how much you both love and support one another. Thanks for the post. It was a good boost for me:)

  2. Ok, I totally cried when I read this one! So excited for your sister and also feeling sympathy for you! Suck it up and be strong! She will be home before you know it. Look already my most handsome, perfect, baby boy has been gone for 14 months and 1 week. But who's counting?