Monday, October 17, 2011

It's maybe about time..

              I was doing so good with the "once a month" blogging thing, but look who waited almost 3 months to do another post.  Luckily, these past three months have been filled with new interests, friendships and a lot of happiness! :)  My two absolute best friends are now out on missions (Jenn Jones and Bobby Burkey) so it's fun forming a new kind of relationship with both of them.  Lately I've become really into family history and learning about my ancestors! (I think has become my it's weird.) It's amazing how many people have come before us that we're related to and how fun and easy it can be to learn about their lives! As my dad told me tonight on the phone, "Lex, you've caught the family history bug that I seem to have never caught."  I hope everyone catches it at one point in their lives because it's absolutely fascinating.  Anywho, I've set a lot of goals for this semester and so far I think I'm doing a better job than I expected.  (shocking, I agree!)  I put higher expectations on myself with seeing my family more, dominating school, being a "Super Sister" at writing my lil Sista Jones, spiritual goals/expectations and many more that are just random. (Getting better at harmonica than Jenn while she's gone, getting back to my old level of playing the flute and piano, becoming a "Just Dance" master, crocheting Jenn something weird for her mission, etc)   I'll do a little picture preview of life in the past few months.. :)

We left off with Sister Jones
leaving us for the MTC
in July, and I was a sad lady.
No worries, I still miss her! 
Sister Hawkes & Sister Jones in Nebraska! Jenn is absolutely
loving her mission! She gives tours at the Mormon Trail Center at
Winter Quarters and also does proselyting when she isn't there.
She is SO happy, which makes me even happier!
Jon, Taylor and Caldwell came with me to visit my dad
and family in August for a week in Cedar City, UT! It literally is the
happiest place on earth for me. I loved having them there
 and we had an amazing trip! This was before
seeing  The Music Man.  :)
August 2011
We had a long day at the lake and all ended up with some pretty
hilarious battle wounds.  We thought this would be a funny picture,
but it isn't as funny when you can't see the cuts, bruises and burns. haha!

This picture is framed 8x10 in my room. One of my favorites places,
some of my favorite people, and to top it all off we decided to wear
SUU shirts! So many reasons to obsess over this picture!

Sorry I'm so obsessed with these pictures, but they're all so cute and happy!
This was on our way to go to Mammoth Caves -so awesome!

 I love Kaitlin Rosser! Right before school started (well, for ASU and not NAU..) we went to go to California for a couple days! If you want to have an awesome time at Disneyland, definitely come with Kait and Alexis! 
August 2011

I love my job!! I help adorable Korean kids with
reading, writing and vocabulary.  I'm always laughing,
being complimented by super nice students and I've
even learned some Korean! 
안녕하세요 = Hello
(I can totally write this and say it in Korean. Boo-yah!)

Have I mentioned my awesome boyfriend yet? This is Mr. Haws! T-Haws, Prez -hahha, sorry Tay!-, Thaws,
Baby T, and I'm sure his mother would appreciate it if I tossed "Taylor" in the mix of names as well.
 He is INCREDIBLE, we have tons of fun and I like him lots :) 

 Taylor & Lexi in 2011

Taylor & Lexi in 2010!

Stopping in Vegas on our way to Cedar City!
Staci, Ryder, Taylor, Lex
October 2011

Playing in my dad's basement! I was SO happy to
be with my family in Cedar :)

We got to go up to Salt Lake for General Conference!
Both first-timers and loved it! 


Cousin lovin'! McKell and I got to spend a few hours
together while we were both in SLC. So many blessings
from Conference already!! haha! 
I love these people.
Random girl, Ryder, Staci, Taylor, Alex, Greyson, Kenn, Michelle and STEW (#1 Dad!)

If it isn't evident enough, I have lots to be happy about and I'm extremely grateful for my friends, family and (especially) my beautifulsmartspiritualfunnyamazing sister Jenn.   She is a HUGE role model to me and I'm really excited for the next 461 days to just fly on by.

We only live once! Make new friends, cherish your family and SMILE! :)


  1. wooo hooo! I made it to your blog :) i love you lex!

  2. Your life really is one of purpose!!! This blog gives me the biggest smile EVERY time i read it! I feel so honored to have made it onto your blog! haha