Sunday, June 5, 2011

oh so fab!

1. I'm in Cedar City, Utah and loving it. :)
2. My sister Alex is in Spain and loving it.
3. My brother Addison left to go to Indiana and then to Iraq yesterday..not sure if he is quite "loving it"
4. My sister Jenn will soon be going on a mission for our church for 1.5 years!! Eeeee!! SO KEWL!

Our family is quite adventurous lately! Here is what I have been up to lately...

I got to hang out with my good friend David Meeks before he left for the MTC to serve an LDS Mission in Colorado on June 1st! We met at EFY in 2007 and after four years,  I definitely consider him one of my best friends.  We did some go-karts with his family and then said goodbye for the next two years. He'll be a great missionary!

I got a new CTR ring and I'm obsessed.  It's so fun having something different to see on my finger and smile at! My friend Marcy had it and it was love at first sight. I know I might be a little bit too excited about it, but I just really like it! Yayyyy!!

 The sunrise was extremely good looking on the way to Provo to get Greyson from EFY!
   Happy to see each other!

 Provo Temple! 

 South Jordan Temple!

 The beeeautiful Kendra Battin! It was so great seeing her and catching up for a little bit!

 This is my big brother Addison. He left yesterday to start his journey to Iraq and we'll all miss him lots!! Everyone better appreciate the people fighting for our country or  I'll beat them up.  It was extremely sad seeing him and all the other men leave their families behind. It was a cry fest and isn't something I would want to repeat. Take care Troop 222!! <3

 Just having fun with some of my cousins! I'm loving spending time with my family in UT!! 

I'm getting a bit nervous/excited/anxious/EXCITED/scared/restless/excited for Jenn's mission call to come!! I just want to know where she is going!! I feel like it is me getting the call. hahaha! Like always, I'm sorry for being a really boring and dumb blog writer/poster/blogger. Even if Jenn is my only fan, it's well worth it. I love her.

ALSO-  I really love this song!! It is really fun to dance around to and I hope you challenge me on that! haha! Have a wonderful day!  SMILE! :)

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  1. Nice post! That's such a cute but way sad picture of Addison and Greyson. Glad you're having fun in Cedar!